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Aging with Purpose offers services and rehabilitation to promote aging in place and independent senior living in Buffalo, NY. Aging with Purpose provides services from corporate program development to direct patient care. Whether you direct a senior center, manage a senior apartment complex, or are an adult in need of holistic therapy to ensure you are living with maximum function, Aging with Purpose has something for you!

Independent Senior Living Collaborative

Western New York’s premier collaboration between senior apartments and therapy. Occupational therapists work in long term care facilities and nursing homes evaluating and designing programs and interventions to prevent physical and mental declines to maintain all current functions. Early intervention is key!! Occupational therapy is now in the community practicing the same function in order to keep people out of these facilities!

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Memory Testing 

Orthopedic, Joints, & Pain 

Chronic Illness & Generalized Weakness 

Home Therapy & Assessments

Daily Living Re-Training


Buffalo Occupational Therapy

Buffalo Occupational Therapy is an outpatient based occupational therapy clinic for adults 55 and over. Buffalo occupational therapy specializes in geriatric occupational therapy, Dementia and Alzheimer’s managment, alternative pain managment, productive aging, and aging in place.

Buffalo Occupational Therapy

Home-Based Occupational Therapy 

Dementia Wellness and Maintenance Program

Home Safety Assessment and

Aging in Place Support

Falls Prevention

and Balance

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If you require home-based occupational therapy services for balance, chronic pain, de-conditioning after prolonged hospital stay or sickness, safety assessments,  cognition, etc.  – AWP Buffalo may be the perfect solution for you or your loved one! AWP also offers free-standing cognitive screens, assessments, and programs for those in the community who may be living with mild-moderate dementia to promote aging in place!



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Many people live with creeping suspicians that they or their loved ones have dementia, always questioning if it means they will end up in a nursing home. Good news! It does not mean you will end up in a nursing home, but it does mean that you want to be screened and begin a mental enhancement program! AWP can help put your mind at ease or direct you to the right solution for you and your loved ones!



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Having a hard time getting around your home as you age? Are you moving your aged loved one into your home and curious if it will be safe and accessible for them? Before you close off your upstairs or move into a smaller space- contact us! AWP offers important information regarding home safety and aging win wellness in your physical space!!



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In the U.S. approximately 25% of those aged 65 years and above will fall each other. That is roughly 70,000 older adults falling every single year. The cost of this is 34 billion dollars annually. Occupational therapy help you learn exercises to keep your balance system running properaly and teach you how to prevent falls in your home.



Senior Program Development


With more than 30% of the United States’ population being comprised of those aged 65+ by 2030, there has never been a more crucial time to focus attention the health and well-being of older adults. Hiring a full-time activity directory equipped with the education and tools necessary to create evidenced-based programs that affect and nurture all areas of human wellness can be costly. Aging with Purpose understands that cost as well as the crucial necessity of having a strong, proven, age-appropriate program curriculum for your club attendees, senior center members, or senior living apartment residents. Aging with Purpose designs programs specifically to meet your needs!



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Request a Dementia Education Event!

Aging with Purpose offers a  Dementia education program  order to raise awareness for memory deficits and cognitive health throughout aging. Early identification of symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias could benefit both the individual and caregiver throughout the entire aging process! Whether you purchase the program to use in your center or community, or would like an Aging with Purpose consultant to present this information– Dementia education is crucial to maintain independence. 

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Aging with Purpose LLC is the Buffalo NY headquarters of occupational therapy services supporting aging in place by offering a variety of occupational therapy services such as  in-home occupational therapy, a dementia care and maintenance program, and home safety assessments and aging in place services. Head to the Start Here page to find out your next steps! Aging with Purpose is based on the scope of practice offered by occupational therapy and a mission to serve older adults and their caregivers throughout the aging process. More importantly, AWP allows for continuity of care and monitoring throughout the course of Alzheimer's and other related dementias. Check out our blog which offers valuable insights about the nursing home industry, current events in elder care, and useful resources for aging in place. 

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