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Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Negligence Advocacy

End the Silence. Stop the Abuse.


Elder abuse and nursing home negligence is extremely under-represented in the United States. In a world where people are fighting over what ‘matters’ and picketing/rioting for the smallest of offenses, who is watching the trajectory of our population? Who is fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves? There are so many activists fighting on so many platforms, but one people group seems to remain in the shadows. Who is fighting for this nation’s older generation? Who is watching the downward trajectory of America’s elder care industry? Who is watching the abuse and negligence of the generation who built this country on their back? Geriatric genecide is happening all over the United States, yet the people and the government fail to see relevance. It needs to stop. We need to give it a voice.

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Boom Goes the American Population : Older Adults

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