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“No injury or diagnosis should rob you of your freedom to choose where you live, nor should it rob you of the ability to  engage in activities that give you purpose. “

What Services Do We Provide?

Living with Alzheimer's or Dementias at Home

One of the leading reasons of moving to an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility is Alzheimer’s or other dementias. What if I told that you there are answers to your concerns? What if I told you with the right partnership, knowledge, education, and resources it may be more realistic to remain in the place of your choosing? Find out more by watching our free webinar! 

Confidential Memory Screen and Consultations

32% of individuals with mild cognitive impairment (mild memory loss) were diagnosed with full-fledged Alzheimer’s Disease in just 5 years!! These numbers are only going to rise as we move forward. Don’t delay! Addressing your memory concerns today can be the difference! Yes! there are proven interventions to slow down progression! Seeking out a confidential memory screen and conversation can give you great inside and peace of mind. 


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Returning Home after the Hospital Instead of Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Would you rather go home and heal? 
  • Are you not being given the options you desire? 
  • Is it possible to recover at home and avoid a skilled nursing facility? 
  • Let us offer you a second opinion
  • You have the right to an outside recommendation! 

 Read more reasons why recovering at home may be the better choice. 


Evaluations to determine if transitioning to an Assisted Living Facility is the BEST Option
  • Share your concerns
  • Find out if you really need to transition!
  • What to expect:
    • Moving in with family
    • Senior Apartments
    • Assisted Living
    • Nursing Home
  • 1-hour session followed-up with next steps/resources
Alzheimer's and Dementia Long Term Clinical Partnership

Aging with Purpose and Buffalo Occupational Therapy are specialized in the diagnosis, symptoms, and progression of Alzheimer’s and other dementias as well as competent in the evidence-based non-pharmaceutic approaches shown to delay cognitive and functional deficits. This long term partnership allows a long-term clinical partnership between a clinician, individual diagnosed, and the caregiver in order to provide case management, training, advice, support, and early intervention when declines are occurring.

 **Book a free 20-minute phone screening to decide if you would benefit from this clinical partnership**


Long Term Care Management Services to Help Seniors Confidently Age at Home despite Diagnosis

The Home4Life program offered through Aging with Purpose is designed to provide case management, check-ins, monitoring, and early intervention for seniors seeking to remain in their own and avoid transitioning to an assisted living facility. This care is managed and overseen by Board Certified State Registered Occupational Therapy Clinicians trained so care management, environmental assessment, and clinical rehabilitation. 

 Read more about this program

 **Book a free 20-minute phone screening to decide if you would benefit from this care management program**


We train you to


What if  you were on the inside? What if someone taught you how to problem-solve like a medical professional? What if someone gave you the tools you needed to understand, manage, and help control the journey you have been told you are now facing?  That’s what we do. We give you back control and do not hold answers hostage. Don’t wait to take back control of your journey. Let us help. 

Buffalo’s Only


Specializing in

Physical and Functional Rehab for Seniors and Dementias.



Bridging the Gap

Between Care Management and Clinical Rehabilitation

Board-Certified State Registered Occupational Therapy Clinicians are trained in both care management and discharge planning as well as physical rehabilitation. Give yourselves some peace of mind knowing one person can not only point you to the right resources, advocate, and mediate, but can also provide clinically-based rehabilitation services for cognition, function, movement, and strength! 

I am interested in one of your services for myself or my loved one!

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