Nursing home Neglect

“Nobody Cares”

I wish I could give you exact numbers of the weight of the detrimental topic of nursing home neglect. I wish I could go to each and every nursing home in the United States and compile the thousands of stories I would no doubt be able to collect. I wish there was something I could say in this article that would make the public watch this video and internalize the message being given.

Being connected to countless nursing homes in various parts of the United States, I have learned one thing–the problem isn’t just in one building. The problem isn’t caused by one administration, the problem is nationwide. The problem is the industry. The problem is our government’s lack of concern and follow-through with maintaining its programs, policies, and inspections in the elder care industry.   There is a problem when healthcare workers are actually leaving  the elder care industry because of the injustice, fraud, and deplorable quality of care being conducted within these buildings/industry. There is a problem when healthcare workers willingly work day in and day out without saying anything due to fear of losing their job because they step on the wrong toes. There is a problem when we call to report possible nursing home negligence and nothing is done about it because there aren’t enough CMS workers to inspect and follow-through on sanctions.

The problem is our government’s lack of concern and follow-through with maintaining its programs, policies, and inspections in the elder care industry. 

I am so sick and tired of the lack of concern for the problems that I witness….knowing people have died due to negligence or a lack of follow-through of a voiced concern by a discipline someone may feel is ‘lesser’ than their own position. What is happening in healthcare? What is happening among people charged with the care, safety, and happiness of fellow human beings who no longer have the control to even manage their own medications? When did it become a ‘job’?

Having been in multiple positions within the eldercare industry, I have seen and experienced many perspectives.  Because I have friends in every area of the elder care industry, I have also been thankful to learn multiple perspectives on this heinous oversight. The sole blame is not the people caring for these individuals day in and day out–administration, nursing, nursing assistances, therapists, dietary, etc. There are many factors at play in each one of these career fields, I know how difficult it is to protest a problem behind closed doors. Nursing home neglect - nobody cares- aging with purpose llc- nursing home negligence- elder abuse advocacy 1

If the sole blame doesn’t fall on one particular career field–on whom does it fall? Who needs to change? Who/What needs to be punished and re-aligned? All of us–INCLUDING our United States’ politicians, policies, and follow-through in this industry.

We have a responsibility to older Americans and to ourselves (we are getting older every day)! Let’s be honest, the government moves backwards when it comes tocertain issues. The government drags its feet, sits in Washington, hosts pointless meetings, and lacks any concern for the actual status of ‘the people’.

People are dying in these homes due to nursing home neglect. Healthcare workers are watching declines happen and disregarding them because of age, cognitive status, or co-moribities. People are being forced to participate in therapy against their will because of money/reimbursement which further exacerbates decline in many scenarios. When will someone begin to care?

When will a video such as this, spark a dialogue and pull a heart string? Is there even an answer?


Have the American people proven they care for Older Adults and the massive injustice occurring?

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