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Michelle Eliason, MS, OTR/L, C.DS., CKTS


Download a printable PDF of information regarding nursing home rehab by clicking the image above!

Nursing Home Negligence and Quality in the Elder Care Industry

Nursing home negligence and elder abuse has increased exponentially in the past several years. With more and more individuals requiring long term care in full-time institutions, the problem of understaffing and under-quality facilities is finding itself exposed in the limelight of media.

In March 2019, CMS stepped up and fined over 800 hospitals in the United States for poor quality and safety incidents. These hospitals will not lose money/reimbursements from CMS over the next several years due to this exposure. (Click here for the full article on Becker’s Hospital CFO Report). Observing and analyzing trends reveals that this quality control may only be the beginning.


Introduction to Nursing Home Rehab 

Although there are many examples of nursing home insufficiencies, abuse in nursing homes, and poor quality reports (Click here to see a general summary of WNY nursing home quality), this information is about rehabilitation exploitation in nursing home rehab settings. This topic is very delicate because rehabilitation (physical, occupational, and speech) are fundamental to recovery, maintenance, and quality of life. Although ancillary professionals overlap in many ways, each profession has a niche that adds to the rehabilitative process. In a nursing home, sub-acute facility, or skilled nursing facility each therapy plays a crucial role to an individual requiring intensive short-term rehab in homes of returning home or an individual requiring long-term promotion of function and maintenance. Unfortunately, the reason for therapy is not always the driving force behind execution of care. This should not deter you from therapy, but equip you with information to protect yourself and/or your loved one from being over-worked, experiencing relapse, and requiring re-hospitalization.


Things to know about Nursing Home Rehab

Below is a brief synopsis of the downloadable guide to therapy exploitation:

Contact your health insurance carrier for confirmation of SNF coverage requirements if you are told you need to participate in therapy 6-7 days a week for your visit to be covered.

Be aware of reasoning and justification if you are: 

  • required to perform treatment sessions more than 60 minutes 5x/week despite fatigue
  • required to participate in therapy 7 days per week to reach a certain number of “minutes”
  • a caregiver of a nursing home resident and your loved one is  being ‘picked up’ for therapy more than 2x per year in the absence of hospitalization, sickness, or injury.

For questions to ask and more information regarding the above bullet points – check out the PDF!!




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