Aging with Purpose LLC


Aging with Purpose seeks to use rehabilitation, habilitation, group training, restoration, program development, and consultation to promote overall wellness in older adults. Aging with Purpose is an aging in place organization enabling those aged 65+ to live independently and in their place of choice throughout the aging process despite disease, cognitive deficits, and other ailments. By providing early intervention services, referrals, and community contacts, Aging with Purpose helps present an alternative solution to immediate institutionalized long-term care like Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF). 


Aging with Purpose was born out of a desire to help the baby boomer and silent generation remain in their homes throughout the aging process and avoid unnecessary institutionalization within the long term industry. Partnered with a passion for elder abuse and nursing home negligence advocacy, Aging with Purpose LLC began as a consulting organization to maximize quality of life among seniors living in senior apartment communities and later became a three-tier initiative offering direct patient care, senior program creation and execution, and support services for caregivers of elderly parents. Michelle has personal experience being a secondary caregiver for a family member affected by the progressive symptoms of Alzheimer’s and has personally witnessed and experienced the emotional effects of living in a multi-generational household where multiple individuals have special needs.

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Aging with Purpose LLC provides senior living consultation, program development, training, and implementation, and occupational therapy services for older adults. With a special focus on a holistic approach to program development and rehabilitation, Aging with Purpose uses evidence-based approach to all conditions, ailments, and effects experienced throughout the aging process. 


Hours of Operation

Aging with Purpose LLC works with older adults and their carevigers. To increase accessibility to services and provide a greater opportunity for caregivers to be a part of the care and treatment of their loved ones, Aging with purpose hold night and weekend hours for evaluations and treatments. 


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