What is the Home4Life Program?

“New Yorker’s are choosing to stay at home instead of assisted living facilities and nursing homes.”

The Home4Life program is designed for any adults 55+ living in Erie or Niagara County of Western New York. We understand the drastic effects of leaving one’s home and transitioning to a new environment whether that is a family member’s home, a senior living community, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. In order to prevent unnecessary relocation and protect against a physical decline when transitioning against one’s will, Aging with Purpose has designed this free program to help individuals age in the place of their choice despite chronic falls, physical decline, chronic illness, early memory changes, and much more. 

How do you sign up for the Home4Life Program?

Submit Your Occupational Profile

We Set-up Your Account

Receive a Membership Card

Call Us If You Fall or See Any Changes!

Therapy Comes To You!

We Check-In with You Every 3 Months to Ensure You are Home and Doing Well!

What are some of the services through the Home4Life Program?

  • Maintain range of motion
  • Improve chronic pain associated with arthritis and joint injury
  • Improve/Maintain flexibility 
  • Help lubricate all of your joints 
  • Learn stretches that can help you maintain lasting mobility
  • Share your concerns
  • Find out if you really need to transition!
  • What to expect:
    • Moving in with family
    • Senior Apartments
    • Assisted Living
    • Nursing Home
  • 1 hour session followed-up with next steps/resources
  • Would you rather go home and heal? 
  • Are you not being given the options you desire? 
  • Is it possible to recover at home and avoid a skilled nursing facility? 
  • Let us offer you a second opinion
  • You have the right to an outside recommendation! 
  • Reasonable price! 
  • Used simultaneously with occupational therapy
  • Occupational therapist oversight so you do not grow dependent on care and experience decline! 
  • Always working toward independence to avoid long-term costs of care! 

**Companion Care is only offered while actively working with occupational therapy.**

What are the Costs of the Home4Life Program?

Our costs are very simple and transparent. The mission of Aging with Purpose is to ensure that anyone wanting to remain independent in their place of choice, should be able to do so accessibly without fear of spending hundreds of dollars without any type of return. We function within the medical model and the social model which allows us to bridge the gap and bring you affordable services. All costs are active upon enrollment confirmation into the Home4Life program and companion care services are only offered when an individual is actively seeing an occupational therapy practitioner in order to regain and maximize functional independence. We collaborate our efforts to ensure you are not dependent on costly services to remain in your home throughout your lifespan. 

Use this form to contact us or call 716-235-3013!

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