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Memory Evaluation and Treatment

Balance Training

Home Safety Assessments

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation

Falls Prevention Program

Chronic Illness Deconditioning


Memory (Cognitive) Evaluation and Treatment

There is evidence that shows that even into Stage 4 of the Global Deterioration Scale restoration is possible. Occupational therapy uses methods like Spaced Retrieval Therapy (SRT) and other forms of evidence based practices to promote, restore, or learn compensatory methods for individuals experiencing age-related and non age-related memory deficits. Addressing memory care as soon as signs and symptoms of loss are noted is crucial to promoting wellness across your lifespan and allowing you to age in place!  (Check out this AWESOME resource from Bancroft NeuroRehab ).

Home Safety Assessment 

Aging with Purpose performs home safety assessments for older adults desiring to age in their own homes or caregivers welcoming their aged family members into their home and want to ensure a safe transition. These services may be covered by insurance if perfomed in conjunction with an occuational therapy treatment plan. Call Aging with Purpose of Buffalo today to discuss your options!

Joint Replacement & Orthopedic Rehabilitation  

Occupational therapy is commonly used post orthopedic procedures in partnership with physical therapy to promote home re-integration, mobility, balance, safety, and to ensure you are able to perform all meaninful tasks (occupations- ADLS/IADLS)  throughout your healing process. These services include home assessments, balance training, adaptive equipment training, and more.

Stroke Rehabilitation  

Rehabilitation is based on the concept of brain plasticity, which implies that it is possible to modulate or facilitate cerebral reorganization by external inputs. Occupational therapy activities are specifically geared to promote this re-education process and encourage the development of lost skills while accommodating for specific physical, cognitive or affective impairments (1)

(1 – National Center for Biotechnology Information)

ADL/IADL Rehabiliation 

The practice of occupational therapy includes:

A. Evaluation of factors affecting activities of daily living (ADL), instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), rest and sleep, education, work, play, leisure, and social participation, including:

  1. Client factors, including body functions (such as neuromusculoskeletal, sensory-perceptual, visual, mental, cognitive, and pain factors) and body structures (such as cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, integumentary, genitourinary systems, and structures related to movement), values, beliefs, and spirituality.
  2. Habits, routines, roles, rituals, and behavior patterns
  3. Physical and social environments, cultural, personal, temporal, and virtual contexts and activity demands that affect performance.
  4. Performance skills, including motor and praxis, sensory-perceptual, emotional regulation, cognitive, communication and social skills (1)

(1)- AOTA

Chronic Illness and General Deconditioning 

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are health care professionals skilled in prevention, lifestyle modification, and physical and psychosocial rehabilitation. They focus on enabling individuals to participate in productive and meaningful activities of daily life through collaborating with clients and their caregivers during the evaluation and intervention process. This approach is particularly relevant to individuals who need to manage a chronic disease. (1)

(1)- AOTA

Balance and Falls Prevention Training

In the U.S. approximately 25% of those aged 65 years and above will fall each other. That is roughly 70,000 older adults falling every single year. The cost of this is 34 billion dollars annually. Occupational therapy help you learn exercises to keep your balance system running properaly and how to prevent falls in your home.

Aging with Purpose LLC is the Buffalo NY headquarters of occupational therapy services supporting aging in place by offering a variety of occupational therapy services such as  in-home occupational therapy, a dementia care and maintenance program, and home safety assessments and aging in place services. Head to the Start Here page to find out your next steps! Aging with Purpose is based on the scope of practice offered by occupational therapy and a mission to serve older adults and their caregivers throughout the aging process. More importantly, AWP allows for continuity of care and monitoring throughout the course of Alzheimer's and other related dementias. Check out our blog which offers valuable insights about the nursing home industry, current events in elder care, and useful resources for aging in place. 

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