Brain Games for Seniors Mazes Single Unit 5


Each single unit printable 8.5″x11″ sheet includes 1 hand-drawn maze ranging in difficulty from easy to very difficult

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(Buffalo Education, Activities, and Recreation for Seniors) 

BEARS (Buffalo Education, Activities, and Recreation for Seniors) is a service provided through Aging with Purpose LLC. BEARS programing is designed by individuals in a variety of industries including occupational therapy, gaming development, information technology, pastors and more. BEARS programming is designed for those in charge of  senior club activities,  senior center activities,  senior living development programs, senior apartments programs, assisted living facility activities and exercises, and Nursing Home activities and exercises. Aging with Purpose developed BEARS to support those working in the elder care industry in offering a holistic approach to senior care, education, activities, and recreation without the time constraint and unreasonable costs in developing these programs. BEARS offers printable brain games for seniors, printable word games for seniors, memory games for seniors, educational seminars, activities for seniors, and important exercises for seniors — all one click away!

About the Product

Printable Brain Games for Seniors


Each single unit printable 8.5″x11″ sheet includes 1 hand-drawn maze certain to keep your mind engaged for hours! Ranging in difficulty from simple to difficult, BEARS printable brain games – mazes – for seniors are sure to stimulate the mind! If you enjoy your single unit, make sure to order the BULK PACK which includes all six hand drawn mazes! Are you up for the incredible challenge?!

Don’t forget to print multiple copies to race your friends or host a tournament! 

Cognitive Wellness

Clinical Rationale regarding Brain Games for Seniors

Brain games are crucial for cognitive and brain health. Our brain is a remarkable organ that is able to “re-map” itself through a process called neural plasticity. When you participate in brain games like pictograms, sodoku, crossword puzzles,  word finds, mazes,etc  you are activating the centers of your brain in charge of executive function, language, and much more! By including BEARS brain games and word games into your activity curriculum, you can guarantee cognitive activity which include   geographical adaptability, visual spatial reasoning, word association, recall, abstract thinking, calculations, visual perception and much more! Check out the Aging with Purpose Blog for more information and rationale!

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