The Buffalo Senior Living Coalition

The Buffalo Senior Living Coalition (SLC)  is comprised of local businesses and entrepreneurs in Buffalo, NY offering services and/or products to seniors, and are openly committed to creating a unified movement which promotes senior living, aging in place, and an age-friendly community. 

Interested in joining the Senior Living Coalition (SLC)? 












Why Should You Join the Buffalo Senior Living Coalition?

  • Be set apart in your community as a business/entity that supports aging in place

  • Join a coalition and network of other like-minded businesses with similar missions and goals — working together to help each other in business as well as engage in activities promoting health and wellbeing of Buffalo’s older adult population.


  • Be a part of something bigger purposed to help a vulnerable population in Buffalo, NY


  • Be a part of the referral network used by WNY’s Independent Senior Living Collaborative. 

  • Recieve a Buffalo Senior Living Coalition badge graphic to be placed on your website, e-mail footers,  and other social media outlets as proof that you support Buffalo’s aging population.















Current Members of the Buffalo Senior Living Coalition (SLC)

Buffalo Occupational Therapy - West Seneca

Buffalo Occupational Therapy

Alternative Pain Management, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Approach

EG Health Connect - Tonawanda

EG Health Connect

Tim Eliason

Medicare and Marketplace Insurance Connection

TJT Consulting - Hamburg

TJT Consulting

Mike Muffoletto

Business and Financial Strategies, Long term planning, Estate planning and Financial services

(716) 982 – 2664



All Purpose De-Con provides an array of services that will meet all needs. These services include:

  • Providing Dumpster/s
  • Removal of appliances/ furniture
  • Removal of household items (large and small)
  • Removal and proper disposal of medications
  • Removal of hazardous materials (paint, chemicals)
  • Incineration of bio-hazard debris. (blood, urine, etc.)

 We also provide services for specialty needs, including:

  • Dumpster Rental
  • Trauma/Suicide Cleanup
  • Hoarding Clean up
The Hair Room Inc. - Blasdell

The Hair Room Inc.

“The best stylists in WNY!”

Buffalo-born Hair Salon with exceptional management and services!

*Offers Senior Discount


Buffalo,NY Community Collaboration to Support Older Adults



New York has been ranked 4th in the United States for the largest population over the age of 65. By 2030, those aged 65 and older will officially outnumber youth (18 and younger) for the first time in history. The long term care healthcare infrastructure cannot support the amount of individuals who will require specialized services in coming years. For this reason, the Buffalo chapter of the Senior Living Coalition (SLC) will be the first of many coalitions creating a unified front and allied partnership to help older adults remain in their homes and communities throughout the aging process.

Join the Senior Living Coalition [Buffalo]

Become a member of the Senior Living Coalition, Buffalo Chapter!

Join other aging friendly Buffalo-born businesses in a unified front to support Aging in Place. The Buffalo Senior Living Coalition seeks to provide services and products for seniors 55+ that  increase community accessibility throughout aging and decreasing unnecessary long-term institutionalized care for seniors 55+ in the greater Buffalo area. 

Contact us by filling out the below information, and begin the process to join the coalition!!

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